"My physican suggested I try marijuana to help with the effects of chemo and my weight loss. I went to a couple of fairly scary places before coming to Green Buddha, where the staff put me instantly at ease. I am very appreciative for the time they took explaining how I might use edibles and tinctures. They even gave me a demo with a marijuana vaporizer. Medical marijuana has been a huge help in dealing with my pain."
Betsy, a 68 years old medical marijuana patient

"I'd used cannabis for over 30 years and thought I pretty much knew it all. The orientation I got was fabulous and in the process I've learned that sativas are way more useful for my condition. Thank you for the invaluable lesson!"
Donald, a 51 years old medical marijuana patient with rheumatoid arthritis

"I was resistant to trying cannabis for my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) but Green Buddha showed me a product ~ a discreet pill ~ inexpensive and wonderfully successful. Be sure to ask about their maripills!"
Kelly, a 41 year old, medical marijuana patient

"Green Buddha is definitely one of my top rescources for fine meds in the seattle area. They have a convenient storefront, I just pull my car up with my id and authorization handy, park right at the curb and within ten minutes i'm cruising away with a bag full of dense, crystally nugs."
Brandon, a 36 year old medical marijuana patient

What is the cost of Green Buddha medicine?

The donation for all our meds is $10 per gram. Why pay more? (If you are on disability we offer a lower rate.) Our medicine is tested not only for cannabinoids but also safety tested for pesticides, microbial impurities and other contaminants. Green Buddha Patient Co-op spends less on staffing, office maintainance, and advertizing than any other Seattle co-op/dispensary. Our all volunteer staff are there because they know we deliver the best. Come experience the selection and quality that comes with a true medical cannabis collective.

tel (206) 297-9640

Green Buddha Patient Co-op currently no longer operates a storefront and is transitioning to the regulated industry.

We are available for consultation by special appointment. Call or email if seeking a consultation.

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What strains do we have in?

Up close and personal - be your own bud tender!What strains does the Green Buddha have in today? This is always a tough question to answer because we're an authentically supplied collective with over a thousand members, and a constantly rotating stock of over 800 strains to date! What's in when you call may not be what's in when you come in! We average more than 20 strains in at any point in the day, everything from 100% indicas to 100% sativas and every conceivable blend in between. For 2012 we have averaged more than 30 strains in stock every day, changing daily. If we don't have the particular strain you seek, we will probably have a good substitute!

While the strain one gets is important to understanding the medicinal effect one will achieve by using it, how a plant is grown is equally important. Green Buddha is proud to carry only the finest organic medicine, certified as mold and fungus free Patient-Ready Cannabis™.

Since 2008 - The Green Buddha Patient Co-op

Green Buddha is a patient centered medical marijuana co-op, founded in 2008, to assist legal medical marijuana patients in Washington State in procuring the highest quality locally grown fully safety tested organic medical marijuana and marijuana medicinal products in compliance with Washington State law RCW 69.51a. We are an authentic collective staffed by friendly volunteers who will take the time to answer your questions and recommend products based on your needs in a comfortable environment.  Our volunteers also keeps our operating costs to a minimum and allows us to spend the most in the industry on the medicine to ensure we get the highest quality medicine for our patients. All of our medicine is grown locally, indoors, and is certified to be free of all microbial contamination and pesticide residue.* If you are a Washington State medical marijuana patient or provider interested in the safest medical marijuana products available including the very best Patient-Ready Cannabis™ come join the Green Buddha Patient Center today.

Green Buddha’s handicapped accessible building is located in the leafsupportive Ravenna neighborhood with plenty of street parking nearby.  Joining is easy - there's no cost to join nor no annual fees, but we will need to verify your authorization before arriving for your first appointment. All sessions at the Green Buddha Co-op are by appointment only which facilitates the safety and smooth operation of our facility. Appointments may be set up either by email or a call to (206) 297-9640.

Unique Packaging - be your own budtenderWe at Green Buddha are so proud of our product that we let you handle and select the medicine you purchase. No other co-op lets you handle the meds. In fact our big lit magnifiers will further your ability to exam the medicine. See the difference that pride in quality meds brings! Our unique packaging allows you to totally see is what you get! We always carry a selection of pure Cannabis indica and to pure Cannabis sativa, as well as every conceivable hybrid, rotating from a stock of more than 900 strains. We averaged more than 25 strains in stock every day throughout 2012.

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Why is Safety Testing so important?

The Green Buddha Patient Co-op performs both quality and safety testing on its product. We believe all medical cannabis dispensed in our state ought to be fully tested for contaminants. In fact the first requirement of dispensing medicine should be “do no harm.” Read more!


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